What Do Cydney's Clients Say About Her?

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I want to work with Cydney!
Thank you so much for all of your help, and your amazingly fast turnaround. I feel that my application will be immeasurably stronger thanks to your help. I will definitely recommend you and accepted.com to all of my friends, and will consider using you guys again for secondary applications. You are the greatest.
I will certainly spread the word about accepted.com. I have nothing but high praises for your fine editor, Cydney. She is excellent at her craft! She is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, and prompt. And it is because of this that I am hoping I could work with her for my secondaries.
WOW - this is great! I really feel it's developed into exactly what I want to portray about myself. With each draft, I really feel what I wanted to come across in my essay has definitely come through! Thanks so much for your time and patience.
I have received a bunch of acceptances: University of West Virginia, UMDNJ: New Jersey Medical School, Michigan State University, Temple University, and Drexel University. I'm also on the high priority alternate lists at UMDNJ: Robert Wood Johnson, and Wake Forest. Accepted.com's name certainly rings true; I remain convinced that your help really made a difference in terms of the number of acceptances and interviews I received. One of my interviewers at West Virginia even congratulated me on a "very impressive personal statement." I have recommended accepted.com to about five of my friends that are applying to medical school, and would recommend it to anyone else that is serious about getting the most acceptances possible out of their application.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your help with my essay. I am remiss in not having emailed you back, but I assure you I have been singing your praises constantly over an amazing edit of my personal statement. My mom said she cried when she read it and I admit I was pretty moved by the way it came together too. Thank you for bringing out the best version of my story.
Nice to hear from you again! I apologize for not updating you on how the process went for me, but I've got some great news! I had gotten interviews at nearly every school I applied to, including Harvard, Hopkins, Yale, Columbia, WashU, and Michigan. I was accepted to Hopkins, Michigan, UChicago, UPittsburgh, and Wayne State, with Michigan and Chicago giving me full or near-full tuition scholarships. However, I've decided to attend Hopkins next fall. I really think the essay added flavor to an otherwise solid application, and I don't doubt that the essay certainly opened some doors. Thank you so much for working with me last summer, I ended up being real happy with the end result and I don't think I would be at the same place today without your help. So out of 20 secondaries, I received 18 interviews, I went to 11, accepted to 5, waitlisted to 4, and rejected post-interview to 2.