What Do Cydney's Clients Say About Her?

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I want to work with Cydney!
Concerning the quantitative essay, I'd like you to do a full edit. Because of your excellent writing ability, I'm confident this investment is worthy.
Yes, I just read the essays, and I think they're great. I will need to adjust a few of the factual points, but otherwise I feel these are a huge improvement and really get to the point of what I need to get across. Thanks so much for your time and I may very well be in touch soliciting additional help with future application essays.
Thanks for the edits so far. I'm really, really amazed with what you did with Essay 2. It looks like one of my strongest essays now, and I started with the expectation that it would turn out as the worst!
When I began the application process, I did not think I had much of a chance at any of the schools where I was applying. Cyd was a great support, and with her
help I was able to convince myself and the admissions committee [at Wharton and Duke] that I had something special to offer. The money I spent on Accepted.com's service was very well spent!
I just got the offer from UC Berkeley ( part time). Thanks so much for your help. To be very honest, without your editing, it is almost impossible for me to get in.

I wanted to tell you that yesterday I received an acceptance to the UCLA MBA program !! I feel very lucky with the increase in applications. Anyway now it
will be tough to decide between UCLA and Carnegie Mellon ...

Anyway thanks for all the help on the essays! With my limited time to revise the essays (last 2 weeks of Dec) I know your help was key to my acceptance.