101 Tips on Getting into Medical School

Here are 101 tips to help you choose the right pre-med courses, prepare a winning medical school application, prep for a dazzling interview, and ultimately score a spot in the medical school of your dreams.

101 med tips

101 Tips on Getting into Medical School

Jennifer Welch

Benefit from the perspective of someone who reads and evaluates medical school applications.101 Tips on Getting into Medical School, written by Jennifer Welch, a medical school admissions director, reflects the experience of someone who has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in medical school applications. 101 Tips offers great advice from the other side and provides Ms. Welch's valuable perspective on the medical school admissions process.

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In 101 Tips on Getting into Medical School, you will learn:

  • 101 tips and additional resources that will help you apply to medical school.
  • How to choose the right pre-med courses.
  • Advice on constructing a cohesive, compelling essay.
  • Interview tips that will impress your interviewer and leave a memorable impression of you.
  • How to handle waiting.
  • What to change when you reapply.

How does Jennifer Welch have all this advice at her fingertips? She is the Director of Admissions at SUNY Upstate Medical University, one of the oldest medical schools in the United States, and has served as the Chair of the College of Medicine Admissions Committee.

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