Hi Brigitte,

I was admitted to USC with a 55k scholarship/year! Thanks so much for your help. It is a big relief to have at least one acceptance. I will let you know once I hear back from more schools!

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Brigitte Suhr

Why Work with Brigitte?

  • Evaluated more than 2,500 applications as a member of the admissions office at UVA Law, developing a strong point of view on what works and doesn’t work in a law school application
  • Has helped many clients get into top schools, including all the T-14 schools and beyond

Brigitte’s Stats

  • BA in Plan II (interdisciplinary honors program) with special honors in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin
  • JD from the University of Virginia School of Law

What Brigitte Has to Say

“I love the editing process and look forward to working with applicants to guide them to deeper awareness of how their writing presents them to the outside world.

I also love the strategy aspect of the application process. I find the admissions process fascinating and love the idea of helping applicants put their best foot forward in their applications.”

What Else You Should Know about Brigitte

  • Located in Los Angeles, CA
  • Enjoys exploring the Santa Monica Mountains with her dog, Milo
  • Loves to cook delicious and healthy meals for friends and family and is working on perfecting her pastry crusts
  • Recently learned kintsugi, a Japanese technique that involves using gold or bronze to repair and improve broken ceramics
  • Consults with foundations and nonprofits on human rights law–related programs and research, covering issues such as justice reform, LGBTQ advocacy, and antislavery initiatives


Admissions Straight Talk interviews Brigitte Suhr in "What Does a UVA Law School Application Reader Look For? [Episode 330]"