Thanks Linda! Chen has been really helpful throughout the whole process.

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Chen Chadash

I believe getting admitted to your dream school requires more than having a strong resume and composing winning essays. It also goes beyond scoring high on the GMAT or GRE. Like any other big mission in life, it’s about having the right strategy in place first, and then holding yourself accountable to execute it. Not an easy task, but fortunately you arrived at the right place!

At Accepted, we share a holistic approach to the admission process, and I will help you build an end-to-end strategy tailored specifically to YOU and then guide you in implementing it. The goal of the strategy? Highlight your unique qualities that are most relevant and valued by each program you apply to.
Serving as an Admission Ambassador and advisor at UCLA Anderson School of Management, I’ve gained valuable exposure and insights into the nuts and bolts of the MBA admission process. I leveraged this experience to help dozens of candidates gain admission to top MBA programs across the U.S. and abroad, including MIT Sloan, Kellogg, Chicago Booth, NYU, Columbia, UCLA Anderson, USC Marshall, INSEAD, and London Business School, among others.

Coming from an international, technology, and military background, I specialize in assisting candidates with or without business backgrounds in telling a compelling story that makes them stand out to the admission committee. As no two programs are alike, there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all" solution for a winning application for all clients at all programs. However, using my knowledge and experience, you can have at your side a mentor to assist you with everything from overall application strategy at the “30,000 foot view” to the most minute nuances of editing and adapting essay drafts for each school.

In addition to my work with Accepted, I also advise c-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies on their most burning business issues, such as transformational acquisitions or financial and organizational restructuring. This type of work has helped me further sharpen my strategy-building and story-telling skills, which my Accepted clients are constantly benefiting from as well.

I hold a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the Technion, Israel, and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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