Dear Dr. Gordon,

Thank you so much for everything you've done to help me throughout my medical school application cycle! I would like to add to another of your success stories!

I got accepted to UCSD School of Medicine! This wouldn't have been possible without your proofreading/editing, interview practice, and talks to help me feel confident and prepared.
I'm incredibly grateful for your support and guidance throughout this process.

Thank you for everything,

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Dr. Herman Gordon

Why Work with Flash?

  • Past chair of admissions at the University of Arizona College of Medicine
  • Specializes in problem-solving, having developed and taught a course in scientific problem-solving for ten years, taught clinical reasoning, and created the commercial software platform ThinkShare™, which supports structured problem-solving in small groups, such as case-based instruction in medical schools
  • Works with applicants to identify any issues to be addressed, brainstorm, strategize, execute, and reflect (See here what Flash’s clients say.) 

Flash’s Stats

  • AB in biochemistry from Harvard College
  • PhD in developmental neuroscience from Caltech
  • Postdoctoral fellow at the MRC Cell Biophysics Unit (London) and at UCSF

What Flash Has to Say

“I take great pleasure in supporting my clients to solve their application ‘problems’ with their own minds and in their own words. The result is an application that a client can submit with pride, knowing that it is their own true and deep story and that it will be effective with admissions committee readers. For my part, I take pride in helping clients achieve a higher level of application, no matter what their starting points.

Admissions committee members are dedicated individuals who seek to make the right life-altering decisions for the future of medicine and research in America. It is your job as an applicant to help them make the right decisions and to make it easy for them to do so. Be prepared, be clear, be authentic. As an admissions consultant, I will help you to achieve your best possible path forward in your career.”

What Else You Should Know about Flash

  • Located in Arizona
  • Was born in Tokyo and lived there and in Taipei as a child
  • Enjoys bicycling almost daily
  • Worked as a systems programmer in high school and had the great fortune to share an office with Ward Cunningham, who went on to invent the Wiki. In those days, names had to be shortened to 5 letters to submit jobs to the mainframe, but Ward didn’t like “Gordn,” so he swapped it to “Flash." Ever since, the name “Flash” has stuck.


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