Consultant Profile: Kelly Wilson

I have a deep understanding of what business schools value in their students. Spending the past 23 years working with candidates worldwide, I led Business School Recruitment and Admissions for Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School, Georgetown’s McDonough School, and the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz School. In my role as Executive Director and Assistant Dean of Admissions, I oversaw admissions committees for the MBA and master’s programs in Management of Information Systems, Computational Finance, Business Analytics, and Product Management.  Over the course of my admissions experience, I have reviewed over 38,000 applications. I will use the insights I gained in working across various business schools and programs to help you create an application that will capture the attention of admissions teams where you apply.

As a first-generation college student, I find intrinsic value in helping prospective students discover possibilities for their future. Working first in corporate before shifting to higher education, I can identify several people along the way who played a key role in my path, and I look forward to playing that role for you. 

Considering an MBA? As you know, it is a game-changer with respect to the trajectory of your career. You want to embark upon this journey with an understanding of the resources that may be available to you to support your success. I have worked closely with organizations that will add value to your experience, including Forté, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management,, Access, Reaching Out, and Military MBA. Nothing gives me more pleasure than contributing to the success of prospective students! 

I have been fortunate that my work has taken me to over 43 countries across the world. I suspect this contributes to having a taste for all types of food, even if I can’t replicate the dish when I return home. One of my favorite activities when visiting a new place is to make a stop at a local grocery store to get a sense of what everyday life would be like there.  Of course, I always look for the local interpretation of my favorite ice cream flavor – chocolate with chocolate and more chocolate!