Consultant Profile: Komi German

My journey through higher education started from humble beginnings, at a community college near my home. Once I’d saved enough money, I transferred to the University of California, Davis, where I excelled in my courses (earning a 3.97 GPA) and conducted independent research on the importance of attachment security for prosocial development among children.

Upon graduating with highest honors, I found myself precisely where my clients are today: about to enter the most intellectually stimulating period of a young academic’s life. I was accepted to the Social/Personality Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of California, Riverside, where I received the Eugene Cota-Robles Award and became a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, both in my first year. In addition to my studies, I worked as a graduate writing consultant for fellow Ph.D. students, many of whom I helped apply for and obtain highly competitive fellowships, postdocs, and tenure-track faculty positions.

Throughout my graduate training, I committed myself to investigating some of the most pressing psychological questions facing our nation’s universities. How can students cope effectively with the uncertainty they face on the academic job market? What can students and faculty do to create mutually beneficial mentoring relationships? How do universities approach diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Now, as a graduate school admissions consultant, I use my expertise in psychology to promote my clients’ success not only when they’re applying to graduate programs, but also once they’re accepted. I provide scientifically grounded strategies for coping with stress, recommendations for identifying prospective advisors, and guidance for framing essays in terms that highlight precisely the things universities are looking for in today’s applicants.

During each consultation, I challenge my clients to think more deeply and clearly than they ever have about where they’ve been and where they’re going. I help them identify and articulate their strengths, and present their accomplishments in ways that top programs will recognize and appreciate. To my clients: my greatest hope is that by the time you submit your applications, they will so brilliantly reflect your accomplishments and potential that the graduate program of your dreams will dream of having YOU!

Sounds good? Dr. Komi German certainly seems to have the writing expertise and professional experience to help you whip your material into shape. 


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