Consultant Profile: Marcus Dahllof

I specialize in working with non-traditional applicants such as athletes, entrepreneurs, technologists and military applicants.  My diverse and lengthy professional experience helps translate my clients’ successes and failures to narratives that resonate with admissions committees.
My background includes being a rower on the Swedish national team, co-founding two tech startups (one of which was acquired), working at an industry leading tech multi-national corporation.  I spent the last six years working in corporate relations at MIT.
I view my role very much as that of a coach helping you produce an application that maximizes your chances of acceptance to your target schools by highlighting your successes and mitigating any weaknesses.  I make my feedback direct, to the point and actionable.
Recent clients include Navy SEAL admitted to HBS and Wharton, ATP professional player admitted to LBS, financial services product manager admitted to HBS and MIT, semiconductor chip engineer admitted to Kellogg and Booth, U.S. Navy officer admitted to Wharton, data scientist admitted to Booth, Eastern European financial services analyst admitted to Stanford, etc.
I hold a Bachelor in Arts Cum Laude in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania, a Certificate in Applied Sciences from Harvard University, and an MBA from Wharton.