I am so glad I was able to have Dr. Mahoney as an advisor. She gave wonderful advice, great communication, and an overall great outcome for my medical career!

Thank you!

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Dr. Mary Mahoney

Why Work with Mary?

  • Tenured English professor and the director of medical humanities at a liberal arts college in New York, teaching writing courses such as “The Craft of Nonfiction Essays,” as well as courses for the medical humanities program, including “Medical Humanities,” “Narrative Medicine,” and “Global Altruism,” which focuses on the work of great humanitarians and global health physicians such as Paul Farmer
  • Background in medical intensive care at Columbia University Irving Medical Center
  • Has a keen ear for the “right” story, the moving and human story embedded in applicants’ life experiences, a story that demonstrates compassion for others and dedication to a life of service, especially for the underserved and disenfranchised
  • Has been described as an advocate who roots for her clients throughout the application process (See here what Mary's clients say.)

Mary’s Stats

  • MFA from Sarah Lawrence College
  • PhD from the University of Houston

What Mary Has to Say

“As an English professor, needless to say, I have expert editing skills – flipping early drafts into strong narratives through suggestions for idea development, editing for idea clarity, and fine writing because a strong, personal statement needs an authentic, insightful, and well-written story.

It is gratifying to consult with successful, smart, driven, and dedicated candidates who get into medical school, clinical psychology programs, post-bac programs, and graduate school.”

What Else You Should Know about Mary

  • Enjoys cooking, contemporary poetry, concerts, and comedy
  • Is a dog mom
  • Loves beaches

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