Consultant Profile: Rachel Slutsky

I have had a rewarding career in academic editing for the past seven years, which has contributed greatly to my ability to counsel my clients at Accepted and help them improve their writing. I've served as a college writing tutor at Yeshiva University and as a graduate writing tutor at Harvard; in addition, I am a copyeditor for the renowned Harvard Theological Review, and was recently a guest editor for the Harvard Divinity Bulletin.

I've helped clients in the admissions process as a freelance writing consultant, assisting students applying to MA programs in public policy, or postdoctoral programs in mathematics. And I, myself, am in a perpetual role as an applicant, as I am always applying for grants and fellowships, many of which I've successfully received.

As a doctoral candidate in the process of writing my dissertation, I am always thinking about how to communicate ideas in the clearest possible way; but I find that I have to first clarify my own ideas. This process of writing and honing my thinking has been central to my work with students here at Harvard as a teaching fellow, as well as at Lesley University where I am an adjunct professor.

Through my own many years of schooling, I've applied to, and received, over $50,000 in grant money, as well as admittance into a fully-funded doctoral program, and I've had the privilege to be accepted to some of the finest schools in the U.S. None of this happened because of my first draft! It was the essay’s second, third, or fourth draft, in consultation with colleagues, that helped me to achieve my goals.

I always like to say, "Everyone needs an editor"-- from the most seasoned writer to the one just starting his or her academic career. And all professional writers have editors. I’d like to be your editor. I look forward to going through this process with YOU!

Sounds good? Rachel Slutsky certainly seems to have the writing expertise and professional experience to help you whip your material into shape. But what do clients say about their experience with her? Has she truly helped previous clients? Let's take a look at client feedback.
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