Consultant Profile: Sadie Polen


Why Work with Sadie?

  • Ran highly selective political and public service summer programs, managing selection and application processes and reviewing more than 1,000 applications a year
  • Has worked with hundreds of partner organizations across the public service and political spectrum, including those related to federal, state, and local government; economic development; journalism; elected officials; law; civic tech; and NGOs, and with students who have gone on to graduate programs in law, business, health, government, and education and to PhD programs
  • Through Harvard, reviewed internship applications in tandem with partner organizations to make selection decisions
  • Highly experienced with the nuances of application processes, what makes an application stand out, and what might be important to different institutions

Sadie’s Stats

  • BS in community and regional development from the University of California, Davis
  • EdM in specialized studies (community + education) from Harvard
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell

What Sadie Has to Say

“My coaching style centers on understanding and effectively communicating your story through your application – from determining where you want to apply and why, to helping you to impactfully tell your stories so you get there. I am collaborative, strategic, and process oriented, from brainstorming to outlining, drafting, redrafting, and editing. Writing and editing is an iterative process, and it’s important that my clients feel comfortable trying new things and making ‘mistakes’ along the way. The best results often come from unexpected places, and this process allows us to work together to get those results – and to get you Accepted!

I love learning, and the process of applying to graduate school is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on who you are, what makes you a unique applicant, and what your goals are. The experience of working together through the application process can continue to benefit you in and beyond graduate school. I’m excited to be part of that process with you!”

What Else You Should Know about Sadie

  • Located in California
  • Grew up in Alaska but has lived on six different continents
  • Was the captain of the rowing team in college
  • Loves live music, good food, and sunshine

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