Hello Dr. Suzi,  In summary, my cycle was very good with 25 primary applications, 25 secondary applications, 7 interviews, and 5 acceptances [and 1 partial scholarship], a 100% post-interview acceptance rate, thanks to you! I look forward to sending you pictures of my white coat ceremony.

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Dr. Suzi Schweikert

I began editing personal statements when fellow premed students at UCLA asked me to critique their essays. I was an English major and editor for the school newspaper, and I could find the thread that connected each applicant’s life experience to their future goals. I became interested in medicine while volunteering at a community clinic, and found myself "in the trenches" of health care. I spent two extra years taking premed courses and was accepted to the UCSD School of Medicine.

I spent two years at UCSD on the admissions committee, where I read essays, interviewed applicants, and helped make decisions on the incoming medical school class. I learned that we were not simply looking for the highest test scores, but for students who would make medicine a more well-rounded field. I completed my Ob-Gyn residency at USC-Los Angeles County Medical Center, where I taught medical students and interns rotating through my service. I found that each person brought a unique talent and wisdom to our team, and connected with patients in individual ways.

After residency, I received my MPH from the SDSU School of Public Health, where I mentored students working on epidemiologic research. I refined my editing skills working on NIH grants and research publications. I also wrote and edited personal experience pieces and essays for numerous publications including Nursing Solutions, Word San Diego, and Brain Child, The Magazine For Thinking Mothers.

Writing a personal statement can be a daunting task, yet it is an important step on your journey. It is through the process of writing, that you better understand why you want to dedicate yourself to your chosen field. Successful applicants convey their awareness that medicine is more than just the study of disease, but also of humanity. They show they can handle the responsibilities and limitations of medicine, and are willing to connect with others who are suffering. Students who are aware of their own strengths and motivations, and can demonstrate a maturity of character, are well on their way to being accepted.

I believe that each person has a story to tell and a unique voice in which to tell it. At some point, every essay needs another set of eyes to make it stronger. Whether you are just getting started, or already have a solid first draft, I can help make your story memorable, and show the admissions committee that your passions, strengths, and dedication will make you a valuable addition to their school.

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