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Our admissions guides delve deep into specific topics related to the grad admissions process. They provide more depth and breadth than what an individual post can provide – the extra room allows for more tips, more insight, and more detailed information. Best of all, these handy guides are free, so please download as many as you'd like!

Client Feedback

Dr. Barr was more than an admission consultant. He was a mentor, friend, and confidant throughout the PhD admissions process. Above all, he gave excellent advice on every aspect of the application. He informed me how to develop a statement of purpose that was personalized, relevant, and cogently constructed. He walked me through school selection emphasizing choosing programs that were the best fit for me. We even did a mock interview that more than prepared me for my actual interview. Lastly, he celebrated with me when I accepted my five-year guaranteed funding offer from Vanderbilt University. During an admission cycle that was full of uncertainty, I felt more confident and knowledgeable. All of this, I credit to Dr. Barr. Thanks to Accepted, I happily announced to my family and friends that I was indeed accepted in one of my top choice universities.   Warmly, BR

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