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"I may have told you a thousand times before like a broken record, but this is the occasion to say it: Thank you for believing in me. I had talked with a couple of consultants before coming across your name on Google, and they told me I'm being too ambitious.  Yet you gave me a target to achieve for the GRE, and then you took up the challenge. And then you helped me clarify WHY I am even pursuing higher education.


You signed up to be a consultant, yet you were much more than that: A counselor, motivator, and most importantly someone who taught me not to underestimate myself. I could not have done any of this without your help and guidance. Not only did you edit my essays, but you helped me develop my own story in the truest sense possible. You helped me secure admission to a place that I thought I could only dream of."

- Accepted to MIT Ph.D. program in Aerospace Engineering