Elements of a successful Masters in Engineering application: detailed program research; deep analysis of your personal profile and level of competitiveness; impressive admissions essays; strong letters of recommendations…and the list goes on and on!

Below you’ll find expert resources that explore every aspect of the graduate engineering admissions process:

  1. Applying to Graduate Engineering Programs: What You Need to Know
  2. Researching Graduate Engineering Programs
  3. 4 Qualities to Highlight in Your Masters in Engineering Application
  4. Writing Your Masters of Engineering Statement of Purpose
  5. Why You Need a Goal When Applying to Graduate Engineering Programs
  6. Requesting Letters of Recommendation for Graduate Engineering Programs
  7. Society of Women Engineers: The Community for Women in Engineering, a podcast episode

General advice will only get you so far. Each situation is different and every applicant goes through their own unique journey. For one-on-one guidance for your journey to acceptance at a top Masters of Engineering program, check out our Masters in Engineering Application Package.

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