A lot of work goes into applying to a Masters in Finance program. You need to research the programs, evaluate your competitiveness, choose the best programs for you, create a strong application, write impressive essays, find recommenders who will write compelling letters…and the list goes on and on!

Below you’ll find invaluable resources that cover every aspect of the MFin admissions process.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Applying to Master's in Finance Programs
  2. How to Get Accepted to Masters in Finance Programs
  3. How Your Undergrad GPA & Test Scores Affect Your Masters in Finance Application
  4. Know Your Career Goals for Your Masters in Finance Application
  5. Distinguishing Yourself as a Masters in Finance Applicant
  6. How to Portray Experiences in Your Masters in Finance Essays
  7. Researching the Right Masters in Finance Programs for You
  8. Masters in Finance Alternatives to Consider
  9. Masters in Finance Interviews: What You Need to Know to Ace Them
  10. London Business School MiF Application Essay Questions, Tips & Deadlines
  11. The Berkeley MFE: One Tough Program with Amazing Opportunities for Grads, a podcast episode
  12. MIT Sloan Master in Finance: How to Get In!, a podcast episode

General advice will only get you so far. Each situation is different and each applicant goes through their own unique journey. For personalized assistance on your journey to MFin acceptance, check out our Masters in Finance Application Package!

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