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I can't say enough about Accepted.com's services and customer service. Jessica Pishko helped me greatly. I was due to have my [twins] within a couple weeks of submitting my graduate school applications and needed some assistance to ensure that my essays were precise. Not only did she respond very quickly with comments, but took the time to know me in order to ensure that the essays were a reflection of who I am. She sent me quality feedback, allowing me to be precise and professional in my essays.

I truly appreciate accepted.com's service and Jessica's professionalism. - Accepted to 7 programs

Hi Carol,

I just finished my interview and it went very well. You prepared me so well that her questions were very easy in comparison. At the end of our conversation she said that she would recommend my acceptance to the committee, and said she feels very strongly that there will be a positive outcome. I should know by next week already.

Just wanted to say "thanks" again for your help and your pamphlet. I just received confirmation of acceptance to Ohio State Mech. Engineering graduate program -- they only take 20-25% of the people that apply. I think part of it was your help in telling me to write in a positive context. Again thanks for your time and help. Good luck with helping others!!
Thank you for your help with my personal statement [for MSW program]. You were a pleasure to work with.
Guess what? YES... I got accepted!!! I have only just received NYU's accepting letter in the mail, isn't this just brilliant? I really have to thank you for helping me with my essay. Without your help, I don't think this could be happening. ...Thanks for all the patience, efforts and time you have spent on my essay, thanks for helping me to achieve this goal... Please share this good news with Ms. Abraham, I have to thank her for helping me with one of my recommendation letters too. Again... Thank you thank you thank you!
I have been accepted at UC Berkeley and UC Boulder (Ph.D. programs in engineering)... I would say that you have certainly helped emphasize my two [main] points in my essay -- namely research and teaching. You made it clearer, and I also like the way you rearranged my paragraphs to make it flow.