We bet you're thinking, "Well they sound good, but what do their clients say?" Do Accepted's consultants really improve client essays and boost their chances of acceptance?

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Dr. Rebecca Blustein View Dr. Rebecca Blustein's Bio
I am happy with our review and editing process and would like to thank you for your time and services. I was able to submit my application early because of your timely responses to my corrections and questions, and am very grateful for this. I would be happy to contract your services again if required.
Dr. Rebecca Blustein View Dr. Rebecca Blustein's Bio
I submitted my application today and I wanted to thank you for your help. I do not know if I will be accepted to the program as it is small, very international, and requires a super mature level of critical engagement. That being said, my application represents the best of my ideas and personal opinions. Invaluable to the process were your edits, which helped to distinguish thoughts and allowed me to think more personally and complexly. I was fortunate to have your to help.
Robbie Walker View Robbie Walker's Bio
Robbie was very supportive and extremely helpful. She fulfilled every one of my picky requests. I was very pleased with my personal statement after I made the changes she suggested and after she edited my paper. I was really blown away with the professionalism, timeliness, and helpfulness shown by Robbie. I finally can feel confident of getting into a very competitive grad school program because of Robbie's input and help. Thank you!
Dr. Rebecca Blustein View Dr. Rebecca Blustein's Bio
I would highly recommend this service to anybody. It is definitely worth the money. Rebecca has done an outstanding job editing my essays and I am sure she is going to do a great job on my resume. I am very pleased with the work that she has done for me.
Jennifer Bloom View Jennifer Bloom's Bio
Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to let you know that I got accepted to Columbia University for their Speech and Language Pathology program. Thank you so much for your help and support. I am sure it created a big difference.
Dr. Rebecca Blustein View Dr. Rebecca Blustein's Bio
I have been admitted by UBC (University of British Columbia). I love this University very much! Thank you for your suggestions and your work. I cannot imagine what would have been without your help.