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When I first considered applying to graduate programs, I was worried that my low undergraduate GPA and lack of research experience would prevent me from being admitted into a good program. Dr. Ash was extremely patient and took time to get to know me, my academic history and career goals and helped me to write strong statements of purpose that conveyed my strengths as an applicant. Her input and review of my statements allowed me to be representative of my own experiences and goals, but also to do so in a way that catered to the program that I was applying to. With her help and support, I was accepted into all of the programs that I applied to, including the Quantitative Analytics in Education program at the University of Virginia and the Learning Analytics program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. It was truly a privilege to work with Dr. Ash, and her guidance was invaluable to my application experience!   - Angela

I contacted Accepted looking specifically for essay help. I knew that I was capable of writing an essay, but I would have focused it on my dedication to the program and the work that I have done to get to this point in my life. I would have come across as a one-dimensional person that may have been ready for graduate school but didn’t have much else to offer the program.

Accepted matched me with an Accepted mentor, Dr. Barry Rothman, who was in the same field that I was applying to. Barry was able to ask directed questions to help me discover my own well-roundedness and helped me craft essays that reflected my non-program related interests. Barry’s experience allowed him to reveal information about me that was weaved into my essays without coming across as jarring or bragging.

During the writing process, Barry’s comments and edits were not Barry inserting his own voice into my work but instead they were a guiding hand that allowed me to see where I could improve my own work. These comments and edits were suggestions that I could take or not take, since it was my own work, and I controlled the final outcome. I was accepted into the one PhD program to which I had applied.

Barry and the Accepted team were very responsive and friendly. Barry truly cared about my success and I think that I made a friend along the way.

I am soooo happy to let you know I was accepted to Georgetown despite it being an extremely competitive year for the Master of Science in Foreign Service. Thank you so much for all your help!

Just wanted to let you know.... ACCEPTED!

Thanks again for your support.

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- Accepted to Harvard School of Ed!

In early 2020, I decided to pivot from my career in the arts towards the tech field. While I knew what I wanted to study, and where--which schools were best for this specific discipline, etc--I did not know how admissions committees thought or operated. Karin was the answer to this question. She helped me articulate my experiences as a member of an under-representated demographic in such a way that would augment my skills, knowledge, and professional experience. I was accepted into one of the top US schools in my field, with a sizable merit scholarship; if Karin's guidance played a substantial role in my acquiring this aid, which I strongly suspect it did, my investment paid off by an approximate factor of 8:1.