We bet you're thinking, "Well they sound good, but what do their clients say?" Do Accepted's consultants really improve client essays and boost their chances of acceptance?

See what our clients say here! They're not shy about sharing their feedback, and neither are we!

Thank you so much for the warm congrats! [Accepted to MPH programs at the University of Michigan and UNC.] I could not have accomplished this without Dr. Barry and Accepted. I really enjoy working with you all. I will keep you updated on my progress. 

Updated progress: While the outside world might be bringing us a mixture of positive and negative news, I do want to share with you something that is purely wonderful, and that is I got into the MPH program at Harvard!

Although we did not work on a personal statement together for Harvard, I don’t think I could have gotten in without your very encouraging video calls and emails at the beginning of the application season. By talking to you, I started to see that those positive qualities of mine are much more solid than what I have previously realized. For this, I feel very grateful and fortunate to have known you and been your student.

This time around, I chose not to waste any time on decision making. I think one of the major messages I learned from you, as well as from my own experience, is to follow my gut. I took your advice and reached out to several professors and students at various schools, and this helped me secure a good gut feeling. I could have spent more time weighing between MS and MPH, but the fit that I could sense between my career goals and Harvard’s program waived all hesitations.

- Accepted to MPH programs at the University of Michigan and UNC. Later to Harvard.

Your support throughout this process was invaluable. Your advice and all that I took away from our sessions was incredibly helpful. I will certainly recommend you to my friends who will be applying to graduate school shortly.   Daisy

I'm looking forward to hitting the submit button and handing [this] over to the universe for a couple of months!

I would like to say thank you so much for your fantastic guidance throughout the writing process. Admittedly it can be quite mystifying at the start, especially since we didn't have to write a personal statement/statement of purpose for undergraduate in Australia. But I now feel a lot more confident in understanding what is required in the world of graduate admissions, and I've also learned some great tips for concise writing in general.

Adam W.

I wanted to send a note to say thank you for all of your support during this application process. I know that your vision, direction, and editing truly made all the difference in my applications.  Makiko H. 

I could not have done it without Philippe’s help on my essays. 

- Accepted to U Penn's Masters of Environmental Studies

Thank you so much for your assistance with my personal statement. I sincerely appreciate your time and effort, especially on such a short notice. I continue to be impressed with Accepted and their employees.    Sarah J