We bet you're thinking, "Well they sound good, but what do their clients say?" Do Accepted's consultants really improve client essays and boost their chances of acceptance?

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Dr. Barr was more than an admission consultant. He was a mentor, friend, and confidant throughout the PhD admissions process. Above all, he gave excellent advice on every aspect of the application. He informed me how to develop a statement of purpose that was personalized, relevant, and cogently constructed. He walked me through school selection emphasizing choosing programs that were the best fit for me. We even did a mock interview that more than prepared me for my actual interview. Lastly, he celebrated with me when I accepted my five-year guaranteed funding offer from Vanderbilt University. During an admission cycle that was full of uncertainty, I felt more confident and knowledgeable. All of this, I credit to Dr. Barr. Thanks to Accepted, I happily announced to my family and friends that I was indeed accepted in one of my top choice universities.   Warmly, BR

Hi Dr. Ash,

I hope you're doing well! Just wanted to update you on some admission decisions. I got into UC Davis, the University of Washington, and ...... STANFORD!!! I was really shocked I got into Stanford. ... but I already got into my top 3 schools: Stanford, UIUC, and Cornell :). I really like all three schools and will probably need some help selecting one in the end haha. It's going to be a tough decision.


I really did not think I would get into Columbia with my stats being slightly below average but I’m happy they saw the qualitative aspects of my application promising. Definitely would have not been accepted if not for your help with my essays. I will definitely recommend your team's services as well to anybody who asks because it helped me way more than anticipated.

Thanks again!!!

Once again, I really cannot thank you for your help enough, it was absolutely crucial in receiving those offers! 

- Accepted to LBS and Imperial

I worked with Chen in preparing my application for a masters in finance program in the UK and I was accepted into my top choice graduate school thanks to his full support from start to finish. Chen was extremely helpful in providing comprehensive essay/CV/application review (his turnaround was around very quick), but also in offering useful guidance as part of the earlier school selection and application strategy sessions. His advise was very clear which helped me remain focused and efficient in my preparation and he was always available to correspond in a timely manner to my follow-up or ad-hoc questions. Lastly, and most importantly, it was very reassuring to have Chen on my side and it gave me the necessary confidence in submitting my final application and in approaching my interview. I really could not have done this without Chen’s support and I’m extremely grateful!

I also like that the Accepted.com website is very informative and that is provides free guidance and tips for every step of the application process. You can tell from their website that the resources are plenty and that they have a well-established and truly dedicated team which you can rely on. That was my main reason for initially deciding to work with Accepted.com and I'm glad that I had made that decision.

I received a congratulations email from Northwestern University for their online counseling program, which was my top choice.

Carol truly went above and beyond. She edited all of my essays and answers to questions in remarkably fast turnaround times. She added insights and suggestions that I otherwise would have missed, such as using hooks and key phrases that helped me stand out. We also did a mock interview, during which Carol gave me feedback that proved to be invaluable in my interview with Northwestern.

Carol researched my program, drew on her past experiences as a dean of graduate admissions, and used her experiences with Accepted to deliver a world-class experience.

I felt like I had a secret weapon on my side and the result speaks for itself: I will enroll in Northwestern next week.

I can’t recommend working with Carol enough.