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Thanks again for helping me develop a deeper understanding about myself and making my essays much better. :)

I was going to be reaching out to catch back up & get started on more applications, but as of yesterday night, it turned out I don't have to! I got into SOAS! I got into the program I wanted so I don't need to apply to any others!

Thank you so much for all your guidance & editing assistance & support. You are wonderful at your job! I truly am grateful for all your insight & for being a fantastic advisor! I'm so excited to share this news with you! I hope you can share in the joy because you were a big part of me being able to make this possible!

Applying for a graduate program/school can be a daunting task. On top of that, I found it challenging to find a consultant who had the right background and experience to help me with applications for bioscience Ph.D. programs, and who could understand and help me with writing in detail about my research experience. Dr. Barry Rothman was a perfect match. Dr. Rothman’s questionnaire approach allowed him to get to know my past with regards to research and academics, as well as my life experiences. This approach also allowed me to think about my past experiences and how they helped shape my future. He then helped me frame the information appropriately for the audience, guiding me to articulate coherent storylines and elevating my whole application, even the technical aspects, making each piece of writing as impactful as possible.

Not only did Dr. Rothman help me during the application writing stage, but his expertise and guidance helped me stand out during my preparation for interviews. He asked me questions I had never been asked before or even thought of regarding my past research, making me think about my research more holistically and critically. When occasionally I froze and drew a blank with one of his questions, he showed compassion, didn’t pressure me, and pointed out exactly what I needed to work on and review. In essence, his interview prep “over-prepared me”, and in turn, I felt relaxed and confident going into the actual interviews. After receiving an admissions offer from a top-ranking PhD program, he gave me honest and reassuring advice that helped solidify my decision.

Dr. Rothman was a great mentor throughout the whole process. He is professional,compassionate, straight-forward, thorough, and just a nice person. He is someone I can reach out to for advice on anything I may encounter during my graduate studies. That’s invaluable.

Hi Dr. Rothman!!

Good news!! The director of Case Western’s MS in Applied Anatomy program called me to say that I’ve been accepted !!

Thank you for the time and effort you put in making my story come through my application. I couldn’t have gotten in without your help!

Thank you for your dedication, amazing edits, and rapid turnarounds. It has been such a pleasure working with you.

Hi Rebecca,

I can finally share with you the good news: I was accepted into the Schwarzman Scholars Program. Thank you again for all your support, I truly appreciated it.

Over 3600 students applied from all over the world and 150 were accepted. I am truly honored and grateful for the opportunity to join a remarkable class of global leaders in Bejing next year in August.

- Accepted to Schwarzman Scholars Program