What is Graduate School Like?

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    How difficult is it to apply and get accepted to top master's and doctoral programs? What are the obstacles graduate school applicants encounter? What are some of the challenges that graduate students face? What is graduate school REALLY like?

    You know that each grad school journey is unique. This is your opportunity to listen to the stories of REAL students as they talk about the ups and downs of the admission process and day-to-day life in graduate school.


    Hang in there while we gather our interviews with graduate school students...

    Topics covered in these interviews include choosing the right programs for you, overcoming stumbling blocks during the admissions process, application essay tips, test prep and study advice, juggling school and personal life, and more. We also share the interviewees’ social links so you can contact them with your own questions.

    Do you have an interesting grad school journey that you’d like featured on our What is Graduate School Really Like? series? Be in touch – we’d love to hear your story!

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    Client Feedback
    I'm writing you this email to inform you that I am accepted to Columbia University (and in fact, I'm accepted to all the schools I have applied except one) After some consideration, I decide to go to Columbia for graduate school.

    I had the chance to talk to a member of the admission committee about a week ago and she said that my personal statement helped me stand out from many other applicants to the program. Cliche as it sounds, Columbia has been my dream school since I was a kid. And I am super excited about studying there. Thank you so much for helping me make my dream come true. I really appreciate all the support and guidance throughout the application process. Read more