What Do Dr. Gordon's Clients Say About Him?

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    Hi Dr. Gordon,

    I got into UCI earlier this evening. I committed to enroll. Thanks for all your help, you’re the best!

    It is with great pleasure that I write to you to tell you that I have accepted an offer from Lehigh University for a physics PhD. It was my first choice and I'm very excited to be going there!

    This was the first time I had a chance to write to you as my last semester was very busy and then graduation was upon me. I would like to than you for all your guidance and would love to keep in touch. Thank you and have a pleasant summer.
    I am incredibly excited. Herman helped so much with the entire process. He is both brilliant and such a pleasure to work with.
     Thank you! -- Accepted to UCSF
    I have been loving my help so far. My consultant [Dr. Herman Gordon] has been very helpful and knowledgeable.
    I feel very lucky to be able to work with Dr. Gordon during last application cycle. Dr. Gordon knows everything about the application process from his experience on the admission committee of the University of Arizona. Besides helping me come up with a school list and a well-polished primary, Dr. Gordon has been very responsible in editing my secondaries and preparing me for my interviews. I still remember Dr. Gordon and I spent seven or eight drafts just on one 250-word secondary essay, which I believe played a huge role in my acceptance to that medical school. Dr. Gordon also has a unique way of preparing students for interviews. For a person who sometimes lacks confidence, Dr. Gordon tells me again and again to simply “be myself”. These words really calmed me down and helped me through different types of interviews I encountered. Overall, I recommend Dr. Gordon with great enthusiasm as I wouldn’t be where I am now without his help. -Accepted to Northwestern, Emory, University of Michigan, and UCLA.
    I'm writing you this email to inform you that I am accepted to Columbia University (and in fact, I'm accepted to all the schools I have applied except one) After some consideration, I decide to go to Columbia for graduate school.

    I had the chance to talk to a member of the admission committee about a week ago and she said that my personal statement helped me stand out from many other applicants to the program. Cliche as it sounds, Columbia has been my dream school since I was a kid. And I am super excited about studying there. Thank you so much for helping me make my dream come true. I really appreciate all the support and guidance throughout the application process.
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