What Do Jamie's Clients Say About Her?

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I want to work with Jamie!

Hi Jamie,

I hope you are doing well. Here's the good news! (In at LBS MFA) Honestly, thanks again for all your help and it's because of you!

I want to thank you for your help throughout my application process. I have learned that writing personal statements/essays are particularly challenging for me, and I often found myself pushing off the writing to the last minute. The brainstorming sessions with you as well as the advice you provided were invaluable in helping me develop confidence while crafting my story, and I think that you played a key role in me gaining admission to these schools. Prior to the application cycle, I was not optimistic that I would be accepted to even one of my target schools, but as of now I have been accepted to 3/7 and am waiting to hear back from the rest.

I am very happy and was very impressed with your work throughout the process.Thank you so much and I wish you the best for your future!

Once again, I really cannot thank you for your help enough, it was absolutely crucial in receiving those offers! 

- Accepted to LBS and Imperial

Thanks for all your help with the interview prep.  Your guidance allowed me to go into my meeting with Simon with confidence and articulate my background / skills / aims in a clear, concise way!

Accepted later to Cambridge and LBS

Please allow me to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for helping me along the way.  

You have no idea how much your work has helped me to refine my content and I appreciate the comments on those granular details.

Thanks again for helping me develop a deeper understanding about myself and making my essays much better. :)