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I want to work with Jennifer!
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Thanks for recommending Jennifer to me. She has helped me intensively during the last three days and we had a great co-operation, efficient and effective, under time strain. Done is better than perfect. Without her I won't have courage and faith in myself to make it done.
But no matter what result will be, it doesn't affect my appreciation to both of you for all the efforts put to help me.
A really big thank you for taking pains to understand my profile, editing all the brain dumps into winning essays. And more importantly you've kept the communication channels open and answered silliest of doubts I had and that to me was invaluable. I should thank my friend who recommended me accepted.com and I am definitely going to recommend your services to my friends/acquaintances.

- Accepted to INSEAD (Round 4)

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Thanks a lot it is much appreciated, Jennifer Bloom is a great professional. I have done the right thing to turn to accepted. Accepted.com is great.

- Accepted to Trium

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"I have accepted the admission offer (I got thru !!!) from HBS and am currently in Boston. Thank you for helping me prepare for the interview. It was really, really helpful."
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"Just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that I have been admitted to both Oxford and Cornell's MBA programs. I am sure that a large part of it was due to my success on the interviews, and without a doubt your advice played a big part in that success. Thanks again for all of the help!"
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Guess what? YES... I got accepted!!! I have only just received NYU's accepting letter in the mail, isn't this just brilliant? I really have to thank you for helping me with my essay. Without your help, I don't think this could be happening. ...Thanks for all the patience, efforts and time you have spent on my essay, thanks for helping me to achieve this goal... Please share this good news with Ms. Abraham, I have to thank her for helping me with one of my recommendation letters too. Again... Thank you thank you thank you!