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I want to work with Jennifer!
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I was quite impressed with the service and my editor Jennifer Bloom helped me in more ways than I expected. Since I only used the editing services, I expected that she would just merely edit the essays without putting too much emphasis on the macro level. She took my essays apart and for some I had to completely start all over. She took a look at all the essays as a whole package, not just focusing on just the individual aspect of the essays. She really helped me by giving me direction on what to write and how I should convey them. In the end she made my essays flow and sound a lot stronger than any of my previous efforts.
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I've just been informed that I got the nod from NYU! I checked their web site on Friday and my decision was there.

Once again, thanks for your help! Not only for your invaluable assistance with the preparation of a first-class application, but also for the moral support during this nerve-wrecking process.

[Later...]I just received the materials from Stern and guess what? I was awarded a fellowship that covers 20-25% of the tuition of the first year! It's really unbelievable! I wouldn't have made it without your support. Saying that your services were well worth the costs is an understatement. Once again, Thank you!
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I appreciate Jennifer's work very much - I believe that she did add value to my essays and did improve my chances!

Overall, I think that you offer excellent services for MBA applicants. I will recommend your company to those who will follow me.
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Glad to let you know that I have got admission from University of Michigan just few minutes ago. I have a lot of people to thank but I do think that you should be the first one. [The adcom] said that my application is very strong and I think [my application] is "strong," but you make me sound very strong. Many thanks!
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Many thanks for your help on the edits. They were brilliant! Especially the essay on culture shock - totally amazing!! My family was so impressed with it when I showed it to them!
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I really like the work you've done thus far with all my essays, and this one is no exception. I think you have dramatically improved the wording and structure to make it more concise and coherent.

I have included here a few additions as you recommended. Please do another edit.