Initial Law Essay Package

You’re stuck. You don’t know where to begin, what to include, and how to end. You’re afraid that your less-than-impressive writing abilities will hurt your personal statement and your chances of admission to a competitive law school.


You’re not stuck at all. You write well and have a clear idea about what you want to put in your application essays. You just want to make sure your personal statement is as good as you can make it. You recognize that a constructive and professional critic guiding you and editing your essay can make the critical difference between rejection and acceptance.

Whether you’re lost or directed, an international applicant or an accomplished writer in English,’s professional editors can help you:

  • Present yourself to your best advantage.
  • Save time.
  • Write right.’s Complete Package can help you produce a compelling, thoughtful essay and save gobs of "churn" time. You know, the time you spend pecking away and deleting what you just wrote because it repeats material found elsewhere, is garbled, bores, or just doesn’t make sense! Throughout the process, your editor will eliminate these evils and push you to differentiate you from your competition while ensuring that your personal statement tells your story in your own voice. By first taking the time to interview you and then provide an outline, your editor will help you focus and structure your personal statement. After you finish drafting it, your editor will edit it until you and she are satisfied. She will ruthlessly root out clichés and correct for word usage, style, grammar, and punctuation. In short, the Complete Package provides all the help you need for your first essay. 

Professional writers have editors. Shouldn’t you have one for something as important as your law school personal statement?


One essay package provides all the editing and consulting you need for 1 essay at 1 school.

If you would like flat-rate, comprehensive services for your law school applications, please review Accepted's Law School Application Package.

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