Law Waitlist Letter - Existing Clients

Congratulations! You weren’t rejected. Unfortunately, you weren’t accepted either. You’re in that peculiar purgatory known as the Waitlist.

Your situation represents an opportunity: your chance to move your application from the waitlist to the accepted list. It’s clear that the law school likes you. You’ve met its requirements. Being waitlisted just means the school ran out of room. What can you do to enhance your chances of being plucked off that list when a space opens up?

Here’s where Accepted can help you. We have been advising waitlisted applicants for years and editing their waitlist letters. Just as we helped you with your essays, letters of recommendation or other application writing needs, we would be happy to assist you in developing a compelling letter that will:

  • Give the school more reasons to admit you.
  • Address any concerns the school might have raised.
  • Reinforce the fit between you and the school.
  • Present you with polish.
  • Save you time.

With our Existing Client Waitlist Letter Package, your consultant will review your application to the school that waitlisted you and conduct a brief interview with you prior to sending you a suggested outline for your waitlist letter. After you finish drafting the letter based on the outline, your consultant will edit it. You will send drafts back and forth until you and your consultant are satisfied.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on LSAT prep, applications, essay editing, etc. You’re so close now. Ensure your waitlist letter is as good as you are.

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