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Getting into law school is a daunting process for anyone but Brigitte turned what at first seemed an impossible task into something even a full-time working professional like me could handle.  With her help I was able to successfully apply to 8 schools in only 2 months! Through her guidance and expertise, instead of getting lost in the logistics of each school having different requirements or trying to determine which school would be the best fit for my future goals, Brigitte kept my focus where it needed to be, on presenting the best version of myself to law schools to have the best chance of being accepted.  Brigitte was not just a consultant, she was a mentor and partner through the experience and I have no doubt that her guidance and support played a critical role in my success. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to maximize their chances of getting into their dream law school.
Brigitte ranks among the most supportive, responsive, and meticulous admissions experts I have encountered. Before our initial meeting, I felt unsure about where to apply, what exactly to write, and how my stats measured up. Brigitte eased my anxieties with her calming yet effective guidance. Over several weeks, she assisted me in creating a personal statement that genuinely represented my ethos. The end product was something I could be proud of and feel confident about. Brigitte was consistently available for any queries and remained supportive even after the admissions process concluded. She also took the time to help me make decisions post-acceptance, during waitlisting, and following rejections. I am absolutely delighted to have discovered Accepted, and even more so that I had the opportunity to work with Brigitte.
Thank you so much for the congratulations! Working with Brigitte has been amazing. I really owe her, and Accepted a huge debt of gratitude! She really helped me present myself in the most polished manner possible. 
A few months ago I would have said my goal was [lower ranked law school] with some scholarship. Now I have huge offers from Emory and ASU (Which I visited yesterday and is an amazing school!) and I got into WashU, a #16 ranked law school.
I literally had a moment like the intro to your Admissions Straight Talk podcast (Which I love, by the way!) where I yelled "YEEEEEES!!!!! I'M IN!!!!" at the top of my lungs at work... Accepted has already helped me surpass my goals. Forever grateful.

Hi Brigitte,

I was admitted to USC with a 55k scholarship/year! Thanks so much for your help. It is a big relief to have at least one acceptance. I will let you know once I hear back from more schools!

Just wanted to let you know that I've received admission from Columbia Law and Harvard Law School! Thank you very much for your help throughout the process. I'm very grateful to have received so much great advice. I've decided to attend Harvard Law.
Thank you so much for taking another look at my statement. I've revised accordingly, and I must say that I'm extremely happy with it. I actually read the draft that I sent with my applications from the last cycle and I'm almost embarrassed that I sent it. It is now much more succinct and focused, and I thank you so much for your help!! The investment has been well worth it.

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