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Thank you so much for taking another look at my statement. I've revised accordingly, and I must say that I'm extremely happy with it. I actually read the draft that I sent with my applications from the last cycle and I'm almost embarrassed that I sent it. It is now much more succinct and focused, and I thank you so much for your help!! The investment has been well worth it.
Catherine was very fair in her praise and very constructive with her criticisms. She pointed out how passages in my writing may sound fine to me, but come across with a negative impact to some. Catherine also told me what was written well, and did not need altering. Catherine's editing was very good; she found all of my grammar errors, as well as made my sentences flow in a professional manner. [Her] turnaround time was fantastic, she was able to help me in a time crunch and respond with helpful insight.
Catherine has been phenomenal! What I received from her was far beyond my expectations, and I can honestly say that the time that I spent editing with her was very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend her to any students who are looking for someone to edit their personal statements. She is genuine, honest, and most importantly, cares. Thank you Accepted.com for your help.
I would rate Rebecca's performance a 10 on all fronts. I particularly appreciated that her comments were geared to guide, not write, for me. Her incisive comments enabled me to fill in the gaps between my personal life and my desire to attend law school. By limiting herself to questioning and commenting, she allowed me to write a (truly) personal statement, unlike the people who helped me before her. As such, it had a ring of authenticity it would otherwise not have had.

My friends are taking the June LSAT, but I will definitely recommend Accepted when the time comes.

Thank you for all your help,

- Accepted to Georgetown

Hi Linda,

I am writing this between classes from the Crocker Garden at Stanford Law School. Judy Gruen's suggestions, critiques, and guidance were key in helping me gain admission to Stanford. Judy ensured my personal statement reflected who I really am, my experiences that shaped me, and my future goals. She refused to let me submit early drafts, found areas I could elaborate on, and encouraged me through the entire process: a true mentor.

At Stanford, I continue to use portions from my personal statement, that Judy helped me with; this helped me gain admission to the Juelsgaard IP and Innovation Clinic and be elected Articles Editor of the Stanford Technology Law Review. I will keep in touch with Judy, but now I must hurry to my Copyright class with Prof. Goldstein!