Congratulations—you've been invited to interview at a top MBA program! Now what?

If you think that your hard work was over the moment you hit 'Submit,' then you're going to have to think again. Making a good impression on paper is only half the battle; now you're going to have to wow the adcoms in person (or at least over skype). And your MBA interview, whether for Harvard, Stanford or any top business school, is not something you're going to want to wing—your chances of acing your interview will increase dramatically if you put time and energy into preparing for the big day.

The following resources will help you prep for your business school interview by providing you with information on the steps you should take before your interview, questions you should ask during your interview, and appropriate interview follow-up etiquette.

Before the Big Day

  1. Perfect Answers to MBA Interview Questions, a free guide
  2. MBA Interview Prep: How to Ace Your Interviews, a free guide
  3. Do I Really Need a Mock Admissions Interview?, a short video
  4. 5 Steps to Follow After You Receive Your MBA Interview Invite
  5. Would You Benefit From a Mock Wharton Team-Based Discussion?
  6. The Art Of Interviewing---Are You A “Can” Or A “Cannot”?
  7. Ask Away at Your Admissions Interview
  8. Prepare for Interviews with Positive Imagery
  9. 3 Tips for a Successful MBA Interview
  10. 3 Keys to Successful Interview Preparation
  11. 6 Steps to Better Self Knowledge & a Successful MBA Interview

Interview and Post-Interview Advice

  1. MBA Admissions Interview: Walk Me Through Your Resume, a short video
  2. How to Ace Your Team Based Interview [4 Tips for the Big Day]
  3. The Morphing and Multiplying MBA Interview
  4. What to Expect at Your In-Person MBA Interview with an Adcom Member
  5. Ace Your In-Person Business School Interview with a Student or Alumnus
  6. MBA Interview Formats: Team-Based Discussion Interviews
  7. MBA Interview Formats: Phone and Skype MBA Interviews
  8. MBA Interview Formats: Video Essays
  9. How to Practice for a Video Interview or Essay
  10. 3 Day-Of Tips for a Successful MBA Interview
  11. Everything You Need to Know About Preparing for Your MBA Interview
  12. 6 Tips for Talking About Your Weaknesses
  13. 3 Tips for Your Team-Based Discussion
  14. 4 Tips For Team Interviews
  15. Selling Yourself Short: Modesty at Your Interview
  16. MBA Interview Questions: Walk Me Through Your Resume
  17. MBA Interview Questions: Why This MBA Program?
  18. MBA Interview Questions: What Questions Do You Have?
  19. MBA Interview Questions: Tell Me About Your Weaknesses
  20. MBA Interview Questions: Why Do You Need an MBA?
  21. The Columbia MBA Interview – A Fresh Lens
  22. Four Tips for the Wharton Interview
  23. An Interview About Interviewing at HBS: An Accepted Student Speaks
  24. 7 Tips for Writing Harvard Business School’s Post-Interview Reflection
  25. 4 To-Do’s for After Your MBA Interview
  26. 7 Tips for Writing a Memorable Thank You Email

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