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This comprehensive package includes school choice evaluation, essay strategy, editing of all essays, letters of recommendation guidance, interview prep, resume critique, final application review, waitlist support, and decision counseling.

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Our hourly MBA admissions consulting plans will answer all of your questions about MBA admissions, including school selection, how to stand out above the rest, overcoming low scores, and much more.

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These flat-rate packages and hourly plans will allow you to work with consultants who will help you brainstorm and polish your essays so they shine. Your consultants will review your essays and check them for readability and interest.

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Our hourly resume plans will help you make a memorable first impression. This service is for business school applicants who already have a resume draft or LinkedIn profile.

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This MBA admission service includes a two-step approach in which your MBA consulting expert will first review and critique your recommendation, and then polish it.

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Have all your materials together but aren’t quite ready to hit “Submit”? Our experts will review and critique your essays, resume, and short answer and optional question responses to ensure your b-school application is 100% ready to go!

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Practice your MBA admissions interview with a b-school admissions expert. Our Mock Interview Package includes a 20-30 minute mock interview with consultants, feedback, suggestions for improvement, and expert strategies and tips for your interviewing school. Mock TBDs are also available.

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Stuck on the waitlist? Our business school experts can help you move your application from the waitlist to the accepted list with our four-stage waitlist service.

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Don’t let a rejection letter dash your dreams! We can help you reapply with confidence. With this four-stage service, your consultants will review your admissions profile for areas of improvement, critique your application, and suggest a strategic plan to move forward and help you gain acceptance into your school of choice.

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Here's what a few of our clients had to say:

"I wouldn't have gotten where I'm at without Accepted. When I met Esmeralda over the phone, she inspired trust and I knew I wanted to work with her. She didn't stop astonishing me with her writing guidance and creativity, her advice, her remarkable professionalism, and, most surprisingly, her interactions with me on a more human level. Thank you for existing and having on your team people like Esmeralda."

- Accepted to Berkeley, Oxford Said, Cambridge Judge, and LBS.

"Jennifer has been one true saviour in my whole bschool application journey. I think opting to work with her was the best decision I took during my application process. Don’t think converting Cornell would have been possible without Jennifer’s guidance. So, thanking Jennifer and the Accepted team once again. Really appreciate all the support I received over the past few months :) "

- Accepted to Cornell

"Rachel is an incredible consultant, and without her I would not have been successful in my applications to top schools. ... I was impressed by how quickly she was able to understand me on a personal level and infuse that understanding in her feedback on my work. Every time I sent her materials, I knew they would come back completely enhanced."