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Admissions Essays. Letters of Recommendation. Low Stats. Re-applicants. Age. Different demographics. Common professions. Disastrous mistakes.

These are just a few of the topics covered in this treasure trove of articles, email courses, webinars, and more on MBA admissions. Help yourself. They're here to help you get Accepted.

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MBA Admissions Email Courses

Best MBA Programs: A Guide to Selecting the Right One A 10-day day email mini-course that teaches you how to evaluate your own profile and find the best business schools for you.
5 Fatal Flaws 5 day email mini-course on how to eliminate the 5 most common flaws in MBA application essays.
MBA Interview Prep 5 day email mini-course to prepare you for your MBA interviews.
Ace the EMBA 6 day mini-email course on EMBA admissions to help you submit an outstanding application.
Navigate the MBA Maze 9-day email course to steer you through critical decision points in the MBA admissions process.


Business School Admissions Articles

Solving the Puzzle Using multiple essays to your advantage.
Letters of Rec Ten tips for writers of letters of recommendation.
Better Writing Ten tips for better writing.
Recipe for Disaster Mistakes you want to avoid.
Do's & Don'ts Twenty succinct Do's and Don'ts for your essays.
Low Stats How do you mitigate the impact of a low GPA or GMAT.
Chinese Applicants Learn how to overcome cultural differences if you are applying from this highly competitive applicant pool.
Indian Applicants Can an Indian applicant get accepted to a top program? Find out how.
MBA Interview Tip Learn the importance of questions and how to come up with them for your upcoming MBA admissions interview.
Waitlisted? Discover the steps you can take to secure an acceptance to your top school!
Re-applicants Learn how to change skinny envelopes into fat ones.
Career Changers Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go.
Management Consultants Another large, competitive segment of the applicant pool. Learn how to differentiate yourself from the masses of other consultants.
Investment Bankers Discover how to distinguish yourself from the droves of other IB applicants.
IT Applicants Don't look like a Dilbert. Read this article to distinguish yourself from the IT masses applying to b-school.
Younger Applicants Are you an up-and-coming, young but mature hot shot? Show that you are to improve your chances of acceptance at top MBA programs.
Older Applicants Don't be over the hill at 30! Use your essays to address the three chief concerns of adcom readers when reviewing older applicants' applications and to highlight your rich experience.
EMBA Understand the key issues in EMBA admissions.


MBA Webinar & Special Reports

4 Essentials in an Executive MBA Application Learn how to market yourself using the four essential qualities of a successful EMBA application.
The Art of a Gripping MBA Goals Essay Webinar Create a compelling MBA goals essay that reveals your innermost aspirations—clearly, realistically, and persuasively.
MBA Reality Check Webinar Insider admissions tips to realistically evaluate your profile with former MBA Admissions Dean, Natalie Grinblatt Epstein.
MBA: Catalyst for Career Change Learn how to market yourself successfully as a career changer to top MBA programs in this free, MBA webinar.
Audio & Video in Admissions: Get Ready for Prime Time Learn how to create an effective audio or video MBA application clip with this instantly downloadable or viewable special report.
Take 2: How to Reapply Right to Business School Webinar Discover how to reapply right to business school in our latest MBA admissions webinar.
7 Steps to a Successful MBA Application Webinar View or download the recording of our webinar to get accepted to your top MBA program!
Roadmap to Bold & Brilliant Essays Webinar Download the recording of our webinar and discover how to write bold & brilliant essays!
Essays That Stick Webinar View or download this free, 45-minute webinar now to learn how to create a compelling application essay or personal statement that the adcoms will enjoy…and remember.
Applying to Business School in Times of Crisis Special report with insights into the impact of the economic crisis on MBA applicants.
MBA Ranking Report Special report with a comparison of MBA rankings including US News, BusinessWeek, Financial Times, Wall St. Journal, and more.
Leadership in Admissions Special report with article on writing about leadership in application essays.
From Example to Exemplary Ensure you use these critical 5 techniques in your application essays.


GMAT Articles

The GMAT in MBA Admissions Understand the role of the GMAT in admissions decisions.
Top 5 GMAT Test-Taking Strategies Know these strategies before your big test day.
Top 5 GMAT Study Tips Know these GMAT study tips.
3 Tips to Reduce GMAT Test Anxiety Reduce your anxiety to improve your performance on the GMAT test.
GMAT Strategies for the Math-Challenged Learn key strategies that will help you handle the quant challenges of the GMAT no matter how strong or weak your math skills.
Strategies for the GMAT’s Verbal Section Learn the ABCs of the GMAT’s verbal section. This article provides 3 key strategies for acing sentence correction, reading comp, and critical reasoning.

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