MBA: Catalyst for Career Change

Learn how to market yourself successfully as a career changer to top MBA programs

B-schools love career changers, but you need to know exactly how to approach your application if you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd and prove that an MBA will indeed provide the skills you need to change your job function and/or industry.

Would you like to wow the admissions committee with a thorough, thoughtful, and compelling application?

MBA: Catalyst for Career Change will teach you:

  • What a career changer is, and if you fall into that category.
  • The 6 ways you can use an MBA as a catalyst for career change.
  • How to show that your dream school is the missing link between where you are today and where you want to be in three years.
  • The 6 elements needed to MARKET yourself as a career changer.

View or download this FREE, 60-minute webinar now to learn the vital steps career changers need to take to market themselves effectively to the adcoms at top MBA programs.

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About the Presenter

The MBA: Catalyst for Career Change webinar presenter, Linda Abraham, is the founder and president of and author of numerous ebooks and articles. Linda has guided thousands of MBA applicants through the application process and knows what works and what doesn't. Profit from her knowledge, experience, and skill.

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