Reapplicants have the distinct advantage of having applied to business school already and of (hopefully) learning from their mistakes. When constructing your business school applications for the second time, you need to know which schools are within your reach, as well as what works in an application and what can potentially doom an application. You want to ensure that this is the last time you apply to b-school.

The following resources provide you with the advice and information you need to reapply effectively, and to change those skinny envelopes into fat ones, those consoling rejection emails into joyous invitations to join the next class at your target MBA programs.

  1. MBA Reapplicants
  2. How to Reapply Successfully to Top MBA Programs, a short video
  3. MBA Reapplicant Lessons: Why Not Me?
  4. MBA Reapplicant Tips and Resources
  5. MBA Reapplicant Feedback Sessions
  6. It’s Not Fair! How to Deal with Dings
  7. Rejected by Business Schools? 5 Steps to Change the Outcome
  8. Test Your MBA Reapplication IQ!
  9. Rejected MBA's: Now What?

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