EMBA/PT MBA Waitlist Letter: Review & Editing

Congratulations! You weren’t rejected. Of course, you weren’t accepted either. You’re in that peculiar purgatory known as the WaitList.

Your situation represents an opportunity: You need to move your application from the waitlist to the accepted list. It’s clear the adcom likes you. You’ve met their requirements. The waitlist just means they ran out of room. You’ve already written a waitlist letter providing the school with information about recent achievements and initiatives and demonstrating the fit between you, your goals, and the school’s program. You think the letter is dynamite, but yet you have this nagging feeling… Maybe the letter could be better, maybe it’s too long, maybe you’re repeating too much from your essays, maybe your English could use a little help.

That’s where Accepted comes in. We have been advising waitlisted applicants for years and editing their waitlist letters. Just as we help with essays, letters of recommendation, or other application writing needs, we would be happy to assist you in developing a compelling letter that will:

  • Give the school more reasons to admit you.
  • Address any concerns the school might have raised.
  • Reinforce the fit between you and the school.
  • Present you with polish.
  • Save you time.

Here’s how Review and Editing’s two-step approach works:

  1. Review — After you write your letter, you send it to your consultant who reads it along with the application you submitted to the waitlisting school and critiques the letter on a "macro" level. Looking for overall readability and interest, she asks the following questions: Have you given the school additional reasons to admit you? Have you demonstrated fit between the school’s program and educational approach, and your goals and educational needs? Have you addressed or compensated for possible weaknesses in your profile? Is your letter well organized and logical? She then provides you with feedback and recommends ways to improve it. You revise the letter and send it back.
  2. Polish — This time, although she checks the macro level, your editor focuses on the micro, the nitty-gritty details of writing: grammar, style, spelling, word usage, etc. After completing her editing, she sends you the edited version of your letter.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on GMAT prep, applications, essay editing, interviews, etc. You’re so close now. Ensure your waitlist letter is as good as you are.

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