MBA Resume Package

Your MBA application resume has a slightly different goal than the typical professional resume, which plays a leading role — a virtual solo — in presenting you and getting you in the door, sometimes supported only by a cover letter. For your application, the resume is an important member of the cast, but it doesn’t have the lead. It must work together with the application, essays, etc., to portray an accomplished individual with leadership skills and achievement. The resume’s role? Provide the facts and context that support the detail and insight provided by the essays, letters of recommendation, and possible interview.

Although the resume is not going solo, it is important. An impressive resume, brimming with achievements, can be a major plus in your application. A powerful resume also helps you avoid boring your readers with shallow, autobiographical "resumes in prose" instead of insightful essays.

Under the package plan, the Accepted resume writer will walk you through the creation of an outstanding resume with as little stress and strain on you as possible. First, you will complete a simple form providing basic employment and related facts. Then your writer will interview you to ascertain the story, issues, concerns, and subtleties behind those basic facts. Next, he or she will write a draft resume, which you will review. After further consultation, your writer will fine-tune the resume and e-mail you a completed document ready for submission with your application.

Save yourself time, and submit a resume that could win an Oscar for best supporting role in your application. We can help.

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