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Hi Linda,

Thank you so much, it is very exciting news! Your online videos were very insightful and motivating. Esmeralda was amazing and really helped me shine. I appreciate all the help. We will be in touch.


Where do I even begin? Firstly, this isn’t my first time working with Esme on grad school applications. She also helped me get into Duke Fuqua’s MMS and UT Austin McCombs’s MSM programs last year. During my grad studies at Duke, I realized that I wanted to take on another, more specialized field of study, so I decided to try for a Business Analytics degree. Naturally, I asked Esme to help me with the process again. I chose to apply to three schools this year (I got gold packages for guidance throughout the entire process) but got my acceptance to UCLA’s MSBA before I submitted the last application. Frankly, we were a little less confident this year about applying in general, since there are so many applicants and I already have a master’s degree under my belt. I also don’t have a math/engineering/computer science background, which is what a lot of MSBA programs are looking for. But somehow, almost magically, I got into UCLA on some merit scholarship. All I can say is, Esme is AMAZING at what she does. The UCLA app was tough, consisting of four 500-750 word essays. I started applying a little less than a month before the second deadline, and upon seeing the length of the essays I was pretty put off and thought that it would be better for me to submit by the last deadline to have more time. However, Esme encouraged me to apply asap, saying that she had confidence in me to turn out an outstanding application. She’s so incredibly responsible in the sense that she doesn't stop pushing you until the essays are as good as they can be, not to mention she's extremely patient and understanding, so there's no shame in being a poor writer. Even after three, four, or sometimes even five rounds of editing, she’ll still look for ways to improve upon the writing. She knows what these business schools want in their applicants and will adeptly bring out all your strengths. Her experience with business-related graduate studies makes her the perfect consultant to go to because she also provides valuable advice on which programs and schools would be the best fit for you. I can say with confidence that if it wasn’t for Esme, I definitely would not have gotten into Duke or UCLA (again, both on merit scholarship (even though my undergrad GPA was not hot)!!) I don’t anticipate I’ll be applying to graduate school again anytime soon, but if I did, you know for sure I’ll ask for Esme’s help again, and if I have any friends who are applying, I’ll send them to Esme with no hesitation. Trust me when I say that it’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make toward your education!!

I'd like to thank Jennifer for her help, dedication and quick turnaround ... applied to Harvard and Wharton and I managed to secure both admits :)

I will be heavily recommending Jennifer to my friends (have already started). -- Indian male applicant

Working with Accepted, in particular with Esmeralda, was the best decision prior to my application to the Yale School of Management. Given her previous experience at the Admissions Committee of Yale SOM, Esmeralda provides a unique feedback all over the admission process. We worked together for more than 2 months in which I was able to see first hand the progress of my application. From the very beginning we scheduled 2-3 revisions per week, which allowed me to get a better sense of what Yale was expecting from me as a Candidate. I would say that Esmeralda was a key part of my successful admission process. I recommend Accepted and Esmeralda 100%, without a doubt.

Thanks Linda! Chen has been really helpful throughout the whole process.

- Accepted to USC