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I am happy to say that I have been accepted to Said Business School, Oxford. I worked with Jennifer Bloom on my applications. Quite frankly, I cannot imagine getting an admit without her help. 

All the best to everyone at Team Accepted. 
Hi Cindy,

I got admitted to MIT eMBA program and accepted the offer last week. I want to thank you for all the help. The essays, mock interview, behavioral questions list, your tips on when to follow up - everything helped.

Thank you again
I never thought I'd get accepted to all three of my top choices. [My consultant] did an amazing job at meeting the deadlines and, more importantly, truly dedicating her time adding valuable comments to improve my essays and make me stand out among the applicants. Also, the multiple mock interviews helped perfect my answers and made them sound more natural. Working with her was truly a pleasure. 
Although my situation is kind of difficult, in a good way, I decided that [Harvard] would be my top choice. 
I can finally say it: I GOT ACCEPTED!
I worked with Jennifer on a ding-report analysis for my 2020 admissions cycle, which really proved valuable as I worked on my applications and interview prep for the 2021 cycle. With her sharp and deep insights on what went wrong in the last admissions round, I was able to course-correct and used a different positioning strategy highlighting personal stories (softer aspects of my profile), which helped me clinch an M7 school with a $40K merit scholarship. 

For the money that she charged for the ding-analysis, she far exceeded in the value she gave in return. Jennifer is someone who understands admissions consulting at a deeper level - able to sniff out the finer aspects of what could be improved further and built upon. She was instrumental to my success in the following year once I understood from her what went wrong in the preceding year. I really thank her for getting me (an over-represented Indian male) secure an admit to one of the most competitive schools in the world. Thanks, Jennifer.
I am writing to you to share the good news regarding my application status to the MBA program. I am very thrilled to let you know that I have received an admit from the University of Florida's Warrington school of Business (YAY).
I cannot thank you enough for all your help and contribution to help me achieve my dream. You were exceptional and also very co-operative to help me with my application deadline in a timely manner, keeping my unique situation ,background and priorities in mind. It has been a pleasure working with you . You are amazing!!!
Services at accepted.com have been a significant value addition to my applications. Jennifer's invaluable inputs and Natalie's TBD practice did truly enable me to put my best foot forward.  --Accepted to Wharton MBA

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