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Jennifer Bloom View Jennifer Bloom's Bio

Linda and Jennifer,

Thank you so much for your personalized help with every step of my application. I decided to accept the [Stanford] GSB’s offer to begin my MBA this year. I am humbled and grateful for how you went the extra mile to advise me. It means a lot to me and has left a deep impression on me that you continued to invest so much of your valuable time in advising me. I am really grateful and wish you, your families and the Accepted.com team all the best!

Thanks again! Michael

Natalie Grinblatt Epstein View Natalie Grinblatt Epstein 's Bio

Dear Linda,

I wanted to thank you and Natalie for all of your help these past two years. I got accepted into all three programs I applied to and received a 20K scholarship from my top choice. None of this would have been possible without your help. The service you and your team provided literally just paid for itself. I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Jennifer Bloom View Jennifer Bloom's Bio

Hi Dear Jennifer,

I have got the offer from both Nanyang and NUS, and Nanyang even offered me partial scholarship! I felt very happy with the result and I decided to accept NUS's offer. Thank you very much for your help! I couldn't have made it without you. Applying to business school is never easy but you made it enjoyable.

Jennifer Weld View Jennifer Weld's Bio
I just got a happy phone call from MIT [EMBA]! Thank you for all of your help and coaching. No way I would have made it without you! I appreciate you so much. Whew ... I'm relieved that I didn't let you down. I've recommended you to a few folks that I have met who are preparing for the 3rd round application. I hope to point lots of others towards you.
Jennifer Weld View Jennifer Weld's Bio

It would have not been possible without Jen. She is excellent at what she does,and has always been extremely helpful. Thanks you and Jen for making it possible for me to make it to one of my dream schools.

-Accepted to Haas EMBA

Cindy Tokumitsu View Cindy Tokumitsu's Bio
I am very happy and excited to join Wharton!!! This achievement wouldn't have been possible without the help of Cindy. She is awesome!!!