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Hi Keith,

I wanted to update you on my acceptances! So far, I've been accepted to Johnson (with a 50K Forte scholarship) and Foster (with $10K merit scholarship). Thanks for your help.

Hope you have been well.  Due in no small part to your guidance, I have been accepted to both Anderson and Marshall.  A heartfelt thank you for helping me achieve my goal.

Philippe Barr View Philippe Barr's Bio

I wanted to offer some thoughts on working with Philippe Barr through the whole process. In summary, Philippe helped me with 3/4 of my essays and a quick resume scan. I applied to Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, and MIT Sloan, and was accepted to three, waitlisted at Stanford. 

I'd highly recommend Philippe across the board. Stylistically, he was exactly what I was looking for. In email communication and when I had a few follow up questions, he was very kind and personable. But, as I had hoped, his markups of my essays were not "sugar-coated" at all - he provided very direct and honest feedback. For some, this may be uncomfortable, but for me it was exactly what I needed - it helped me trust his comments and really reassess my approach when I needed to. His approach is exactly as mine would be - start with high level themes and then refine specifics/details once the structure feels good. Much more efficient. 

Furthermore, in a more nuanced way, Philippe was very low-ego. Often, editors can be very stiff and inflexible - when they give a recommendation they expect it to be taken, and in subsequent versions may have difficulty accepting a rejection of their comment. I never had this problem with Philippe - when I disagreed with his comments, we discussed why, and then moved on to the broader themes of the essay. So, I felt respected as a partner and we always were very efficient. 

Lastly, turnaround and response time was incredible.  

Michelle Stockman View Michelle Stockman's Bio

Michelle really helped me to get my application to the right level, so I'm glad I got in touch with Accepted.

-- Accepted to Stanford GSB 

Jennifer Bloom View Jennifer Bloom's Bio

Hi Jennifer, I can not say thank you enough for your help. I should have contacted you years before - instead of having indecisive, procrastinating time thinking how difficult an MBA application process is. I found the mock interview was very helpful - I was, as you said, a bit flushed. After that session, I focused on the points as you suggested. Also, having a mock interview helped me more relaxed in the real interview process itself. The preparation and introspecting process helped a lot.

[Accepted to her first-choice program]

Cindy Tokumitsu View Cindy Tokumitsu's Bio

Linda, Thank you for your note! I really appreciate the wishes [congratulations on prior acceptance to Duke Fuqua]. Here's the cherry on the sundae: I just got a call from MIT Sloan - I was accepted!  MIT is definitely my first choice. Frankly, it was my "moonshot" application. Never would have thought that it would actually work out!

Thank you to you, and the Accepted team (but most of all Cindy!!) for all the help throughout this very stressful process. In the end, it was all worth it! 

Happy holidays.