What's going on in the world of MBA admissions? How do current economic conditions, important public figures, GMAT trends, politics – even sports – influence the business world and your decision to become a part of it? What can you, as an MBA applicant, learn from these events and these luminaries? The following resources will help you hone your perspective on the role and value of business school.

  1. Top 20 MBA Programs in 2013: What the Forbes Rankings Mean
  2. Wharton to Wall Street: A Thing of the Past?
  3. What’s the Deal with HBS and Gender Equality?
  4. Does Grade Inflation Create Winners?
  5. What’s New in MBA Admissions? A Report from the 6th Annual AIGAC Conference [Part 2]
  6. What’s New in MBA Admissions? A Report from the 6th Annual AIGAC Conference [Part 1]
  7. Some Thoughts on Harvard Business School’s New Application
  8. Europe Loses Appeal Among B-School Students
  9. GMAT Volume Hits All-Time High
  10. B-Schools Get Global
  11. Looking Back on the Shrinking MBA Application
  12. A Proposal for a Better MBA Application
  13. Does Interview Prep Make You Phony?
  14. How to Pay for Your MBA, a free webinar.
  15. ROI in MBA Admissions
  16. Will Facebook Destroy Your Admissions Chances?
  17. How to Read EMBA Salary Statistics
  18. What is the Real Value of an MBA?
  19. Steve Jobs: 4 Lessons for MBA Applicants

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