Use the Six Qualities of a Compelling Personal Statement or Application Essay to Get Accepted!

Learn how to apply the six memorable techniques revealed in Chip and Dan Heath’s best-seller, Made to Stick, to your personal statement or application essay.

Accepted's free webinar, "Essays that Stick," will teach you how to:

  • Apply the six key principles of SUCCESS to your essays.
  • Compose an impressive application essay or personal statement that stands out.
  • Present yourself authentically, distinctively, and engagingly.
  • Leave a memorable impression on the adcoms reading your essays.

View or download this FREE, 45-minute webinar now to learn how to create a compelling application essay or personal statement that the adcoms will enjoy…and remember.

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About the Presenter

The "Essays that Stick" webinar presenter, Linda Abraham, is the founder and president of and author of numerous ebooks and articles. Linda has guided thousands of students through the application process and knows what works and what doesn't. Profit from her knowledge, experience, and skill.