Get Accepted to Your Dream Med School!

Imagine getting an acceptance to medical school, telling your friends and family the great news, and preparing to take that next big step towards actually becoming a physician. 

Accepted consultants -- former med school admissions staff and committee members -- have been helping med school applicants just like you get accepted to MD and DO programs since 1994. From guidance on school choice and mitigating weaknesses, to essay editing and interview prep, we help applicants navigate the admissions process, strengthen their applications, and secure spots at their top-choice schools so that the dream of attending med school becomes a reality!

Need comprehensive assistance?

With the flat-rate primary application consulting package, you’ll receive:

  1. Evaluation of school choices
  2. Personal statement editing
  3. Letters of recommendation advising
  4. Resume advising and editing
  5. ... and much more!

Looking for guidance on a specific part of the process?

We recommend our hourly plan, where you only pay for what you need. Use the time you purchase for any hourly Accepted service including advising on school choice, essay editing, interview coaching and wait-list guidance.

Apply strategically. Write well. Stand out. Get Accepted!

Choose the Service That's Right for You:


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Hear From Our Clients:

"As a student with lower stats, I could not believe when my first acceptance arrived, in October! I can say with ABSOLUTELY NO hesitation that I would not be sitting here today, holding multiple medical school acceptances, without Alicia's help, and the help of Accepted. Alicia helped me prepare the perfect primary/secondary applications and improve my interview skills."

- Ryan

"I feel very fortunate to work with Dr. Barry Rothman during this application cycle. Under his guidance, I was successful in receiving admission into medical school. In addition to helping me select schools, Barry ensured that my application (both primary and secondary) correctly highlighted my strengths. Due to his advice, I was able to receive several interview invites.  It is with utmost regard that I recommend the service of Dr. Rothman, as I would not have been in such a position without his expertise."

- Neil