Mock Interview Package (Existing Clients)

Is your upcoming medical school interview “blind” or a thorough review of your application? Do you have shortcomings that you need to address effectively? Are you nervous in interview situations, but calm when dealing with questions and situations you have anticipated and prepared for? Wouldn’t you be much more confident when you walk in that door having prepped with a medical school admissions professional who has helped many other medicine applicants gain acceptance to medical schools?

Of course!!! Your interview coach will first review your application and/or resume. Then at a mutually convenient time, your coach will conduct a telephone interview designed to prepare you for the typical interview at that particular school. After the 20-30 minute interview, your coach will provide feedback, usually over the phone, so that you can easily ask questions and discuss ways to improve your interview performance during the “real thing.”

How effective are Accepted’s Interview Coaching Services? Here’s the feedback from our clients:

“The mock interviews conducted by are very helpful and simulate the actual interview very closely and effectively. After taking the mock interview and getting the feedback, one feels confident about doing a good job on the actual interview… the editor was very frank with his comments and provided a very good feedback, which helped me preparing in a much better way for the actual interview. In fact we covered about 80% of the questions that were eventually asked in the interview.”

“…the interview was excellent!!! He ended up asking me many questions you asked me yesterday, and I was very confident and comfortable! Thank you so much! I would not perform so wonderfully without your guidance!!!"

Prepare for your interview with Accepted’s Mock Interview Service.


Existing clients are those clients who worked on their essays for the school in question with an Accepted consultant.

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