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I am extremely happy that I chose to contact you and especially grateful for Cydney's help.  Cydney was always wonderful to work with.  She was not only professional but very warm and kind, and I felt that she was on my side.  She was usually way faster with the work than she had to be, and she helped me to write waitlist letters that helped me better express my thoughts and highlight my strengths.  I felt confident sending my letters, and I would have been completely happy, feeling that I had put my best foot forward, no matter what the outcome.  

However, Cydney also helped me achieve my dream!  attending Columbia is a gift that I can never take for granted.  I had such a discouraging spring that I didn't think this day could come, but here it is.  I am so very grateful for Cydney's help and support in getting here.  Thank you for doing what you do and for connecting me with Cydney.  I would be delighted to write something for your website in praise of what do you.
Dr. Barry Rothman was a wonderful application advisor in my journey to apply for grad school. Given my
untraditional background, computer science and design, Barry helped me navigate the application
process, PTCAS, and what I needed to apply for DPT programs. I was able to apply a couple of months
before the deadline and was able to provide an update letter to my application just before the deadline.
Barry was quick to reply to any concerns I had and was generous with his time.
Barry was accommodating with scheduling meetings as we were in different time zones and always
answered my questions during calls and through email. I worked with Barry for over a year preparing my
application and he helped me understand that my non-traditional background was an advantage for my
Barry is a true wordsmith and knows how to make each word count. He helped edit my stories, personal
statement, and essays, to make the most out of the word limit without compromising my intentions,
experience and background. By doing so, we were able to fit more experiences and details in the essays
using Barry’s method, which increased my chances during the application process.
Most of all, Barry gave me the confidence to know that I am a strong candidate for grad school and even
though I’m applying at a later age than most, that can be advantageous. I just accepted Northeastern’s
offer to enter their DPT program starting in Summer 2023, and this would not have been possible
without Barry’s guidance.
Hey Barry, 
I wanted to tell you that I got accepted into the Medical University of South Carolina! Thank you for everything you helped me with through this process! You played a crucial role in me getting in and I am grateful for that! 
Hi Cydney,

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I matched into my #1 pick today (Rochester NY).

Thank you for your hard work! Your feedback and help were invaluable. 
 It [2 MD acceptances] truly is wonderful news, and takes a great weight off of my shoulders knowing that regardless of what the rest of interview season brings, I have a place somewhere. Dr. Gordon has been an incredible help, and is excellent at his job.
It takes a special person to be able to not only pick at the weaknesses of your application, but also help you showcase the strength and unique aspects of it. Alicia Nimonkar was that person for me. I was never a strong writer, but thanks to working with her, my writing shaped up and my application became a lot more competitive, as evidenced by the fact that 70% of the med schools I've applied for sent me a secondary and were eager to get to know me, ultimately landing me an acceptance with a 3.2 GPA. 

Alicia was a huge help with the interview process - she immediately corrected my mistakes and helped me get a glimpse in the mind of the interviewer. I felt completely at ease during my last interview and I knew how to answer each and every question, as well which of my experiences to push to the forefront. 

My newly acquired writing and interview skills still help me beyond the application process, landing me every job I've applied for. I would definitely recommend Alicia as a consultor - she will turn a decent application into one that can't be denied.


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