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"I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted at the Indiana University School of Medicine this week. I plan on attending medical school there next fall. Thank you for helping me with my personal statement. Your advice was invaluable. Thank you again."

Words are short to express my gratitude for the guidance provided by Alicia throughout my application process for medical school. As I applied, we engaged in thought-provoking conversations and created outlines for my essays, which were helpful in organizing my thoughts. With the creation and implementation of detailed plans with set dates and goals, I was able to submit my primary and secondary applications in a timely manner, without feeling overwhelmed. We also held multiple mock interviews after which I received constructive feedback and tips/tricks to help with public speaking, that I will hold onto for the rest of my professional career. She has not only provided words of encouragement, but has worked with me tirelessly throughout these months to help achieve my goal [accepted to medical school]. She has truly transformed the obstacle of applying to medical school into an opportunity for personal growth. It was an absolute honor working with Alicia and I will be forever grateful.

- Amanda

I worked with Barry on my application to a Post Bacc program. As a result of his guidance and hard work, I am currently in the program of my choosing and well on my way to applying to becoming a non traditional medical school applicant! As a “career changer”, the prospect of entering the medical field is intimidating and unfamiliar. I have no family or friends that work in medicine. The daunting application process certainly doesn’t help. Barry served as an invaluable resource for me. He was able to demystify what post bacc programs appreciate in their applicants and identify what attributes made me competitive. He is also an excellent writer which was SO HELPFUL. I gave him about 5 pages worth of nonsense stream of consciousness which he somehow managed to magically turn it into a concise (yet compelling) personal statement. I am extremely grateful that I took the leap and made the investment as I know I would not have been in this program if it weren’t for him.

Barry is compassionate, insightful, diligent, and just generally a very pleasant person. You will love him! And the difference he will make to your application, and ultimately your future, is priceless. - Anna

Hi Dr. Gordon,

I got into UCI earlier this evening. I committed to enroll. Thanks for all your help, you’re the best!

Hello Barry, I hope you are doing well! I wanted to let you know .... I was accepted to UCLA, USC, UOP, and OHSU [dental schools].  I have been very torn between deciding on a school, as those were all my top choices....Thank you for all your help, I truly couldn't have done it without you.

Hi Barry,

I got accepted to NYU dental! Still waiting on XXX, but got my first acceptance!

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your help, guidance and support. I know I was kind of an “under dog” but together we put together a solid application and made it happen! I cannot thank you enough. I would love to schedule some time to just meet and thank you over zoom if you ever get time.

I’m still in shock. I wasn’t expecting to hear back for a while but i am so excited!