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Jessica Pishko View Jessica Pishko's Bio
In writing my personal statement I was having difficulty wrapping all of my experiences into one concise theme, and upon talking to Jessica for the fist time, I was instantly relieved. She understood exactly what I wanted to portray, and was able to help me say it in a concise and interesting manner. It was wonderful to get such insightful suggestions from a professional, and I can't thank her enough! Not only that, the response time was so quick! With her help I was able to finish my essay so much faster than I had anticipated. THANK YOU, once again Jessica!

Dr. Herman (Flash) Gordon View Dr. Herman (Flash) Gordon 's Bio
Herman is all around brilliant. He is receptive, considerate, and very talented at editing on both a macro and micro level. His ideas and input transformed my essays. I have no doubt that his help has made a huge difference in the quality of my applications. I would recommend Herman to anyone and everyone...
Dr. Herman (Flash) Gordon View Dr. Herman (Flash) Gordon 's Bio

Thank you for your services and for all Flash has provided. His advice has been invaluable and also educated [my son] with essay tips he would have never known which would have been considerable mistakes.

Regards, Donna

Alicia McNease Nimonkar View Alicia McNease Nimonkar's Bio
Hi Alicia,

Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks again for all of your assistance. All of my interviews thus far have gone great!

And as of today, I was accepted to Kentucky!

I highly recommend your services.

- Accepted to Kentucky

Dr. Sheryl Neuman View Dr. Sheryl Neuman's Bio
…amazingly prompt and efficient! Your services were really helpful and calming in the craziness of the application process.
Alicia McNease Nimonkar View Alicia McNease Nimonkar's Bio
It is one of the best decisions I made. After editing my essay a million times, I was not giving life to my story or explaining how or why I wanted to be a dentist. With my consultant, Alicia, she helped me focus on the details needed to explain all the relevant points required and my final draft looked exactly how I wanted it to be, a perfect one! You can never go wrong by choosing accepted.com.