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We bet you're thinking, "Well they sound good, but what do their clients say?" Do Accepted's consultants really improve client essays and boost their chances of acceptance?

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I am very HAPPY that I found you guys to help me out with my essay. Cydney was great. Each of my interviewers were very impressed with my essay. Again, thanks for your service. Hopefully, in a couple of years you will hear from me again when it is time for me to apply for my residency. ()

- Accepted to 3 medical schools

Cindy Tokumitsu View Cindy Tokumitsu's Bio
How are you? It has been a while since I have been in touch, but that has been for a good reason. Medical school interviews have been keeping me very busy and I wanted to let you know of my progress, as I`ve finished the process. I was offered 16 interviews and completed 12 of them - 9 were at top 25 schools. I`ve been offered seats at Vanderbilt, UNC, and Georgetown. I`ll wait until May 15 to make a final decision, after all post-interview decisions arrive! Thanks for your help. You don`t know how much I appreciate your input and suggestions!
I was very skeptical about the whole package. My Mom and Dad were wise enough to know that with my limited time I would need help. They persuaded me to buy the support. I do not know how I could have gotten my application done on time without Cydney Foote. It is amazing how quickly and efficiently she works. I was humbled to see how messy my essay was and how much time I had spent on my other essay (weeks) only to discard it. It did not describe me at all. I had been advised not to use the cliche' of I have always wanted to go to medical school. Cydney gave me the courage to be myself in the essay and say things like that in a way that did not come across as boring. I will continue to use the program and I will recommend it to others.
Thank you for all your help. The essay is amazing and I know it would not be at the level that it is without your help. Have a wonderful summer and once again Thank you.
Wow, you did a fantastic job on this Columbia essay! I feel very confident about how it fits in so nicely with the other essays in this application and
with the personal statement!"
I love my statement! You really have a gift for allowing someone to express themselves accurately!