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When Accepted started in 1994, it was one of only a few companies offering professional consulting services to graduate applicants. Today, admissions editing and consulting services have multiplied like mushrooms after a hard rain. 

How do you pick the consultancy that's right for you?

Put your future in professional hands.

Accepted hires only experienced writers and consultants. Just as you wouldn't hire an art student or art critic over a portrait painter to paint your portrait, we will not hire grad students or even former adcom members- unless they first meet the professional writing standards that disqualify more than 90% of applicants for our consulting positions. We're so proud of our staff that we publish the bios for each of our consultants so that you can know your consultant's background and qualifications before you start work. No vague claims. No surprises.


Choose a consultant who brings out your individuality.

At Accepted, we know that cookie-cutter applications don't work. We combine our extensive understanding of the applications process with what you know best-your own story- to help you produce a truly unique application that shows you in the best possible light. 


Find a company that shares, not conceals, its insight.

Our website is a valuable resource for all applicants.and a demonstration of our insight into the admissions process. We don't merely make claims about our familiarity with admissions. We prove it with every article, tip, admissions guide, newsletter, and webinar.


Select comprehensive admissions expertise.

Accepted's consultants are knowledgeable in a variety of top programs-not just one or two. Before they work with Accepted they must be skilled mentors, editors, and admissions pros. To further develop their skills, each new consultant undergoes rigorous training. Our founder, Linda Abraham, personally guides each new consultant to ensure that each one maintains Accepted's high standards and benefits from her vast experience. The experience consultants bring to Accepted plus the training they receive here mean that you benefit from wide-ranging expertise and an exceptional professional perspective into the entire admissions process.


Work with a company that relentlessly pursues quality.

You don't rest on your laurels, and we don't either. Accepted has a rigorous peer review program so that approximately 10% of all drafts are reviewed by another consultant and some of those are also reviewed by Linda. The purpose of our peer review program is to:

  • Ensure superior quality.
  • Share best practices.

Benefit from additional expert opinions. All at no additional cost to you.


Work with a consultant who works for you.

At Accepted, you'll work with one consultant who mentors you as you develop a winning strategy and craft your best essays. You won't be shunted around among staff members, and the person who advises you on content and strategy will also edit your essays so he or she will be thoroughly familiar with your goals and approach. Your consultant will be your chief critic, coach, fan, editor and reviewer.


Seek a service that fits your schedule.

We guarantee that we will return every draft within two business days, and we are usually faster. Our consultants even schedule weekend and evening appointments to make the process as convenient as possible. In those rare cases when a consultant has to stop work, another qualified consultant is always available to step in.

Client Feedback
I wanted to share my exciting news! I will be attending the University of Washington School of Medicine! I received an email from the dean of admission stating that I am awarded [a hefty scholarship]. I'm feeling blessed and excited right now :)

I want to thank you for your support throughout my application. This was such a challenging process for me, but your patience and editing knowledge allowed me to express my passion for medicine.

~ Yesenia Read more
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