What Do Michelle's Clients Say About Her?

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    From our first meeting, I was impressed with Michelle's exceptional ability to listen and understand my personal story, which really helped in making my university application stand out.
    First, she spent time understanding my personal story and what my goals were, providing a deep dive into the nuances that could make a difference. Second, she explained how the application process works and laid out a clear timeline that helped me stay on track, ensuring I managed every aspect of the complex application efficiently. And finally, when it came to writing the essays, she went beyond basic editing by helping me uncover unique aspects of my experience that I hadn’t thought to emphasize. Her insights were tailored specifically to my needs, making every piece of advice deeply relevant.

    Thanks to Michelle, I was accepted into my top-choice university with a significant scholarship.
    It's rare to find someone so committed and capable of providing advice that resonates on such a professional level.

    Hi Michelle! I wanted to let you know that I found out yesterday that I got into Northwestern [masters in journalism]..., and they want to give me a super-generous merit based scholarship! I cannot believe it. I am so excited, and that's the first school I have heard from !!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    I will keep you posted on the other schools, but i just wanted to let you know this now. I am so so grateful that i've gotten to work with you. Thank you so much again for everything!!!!

    Hi! I would like an additional hour to keep working with Michelle Stockman. She is amazing! Thank you.
    Michelle was such an incredible help- she was a massive part of my acceptance [to Columbia's MS in Journalism]

    Hi Linda,

    It's great to e-meet you! I had the pleasure of working with Michelle Stockman as my consultant and wanted to share a review about her.

    Working with Michelle was a game-changer. She helped me pinpoint what motivates me professionally and then helped me turn that into powerful essays that landed me a full-tuition acceptance at Haas (which I accepted as you can see from my email address :)), a half-tuition acceptance at Yale SOM and an acceptance to UCLA Anderson. What stood out about Michelle is that she was very transparent with her feedback, which I loved, and was always available. Especially during the winter holidays I probably sent her a message on WhatsApp every day and she would always respond in a matter of minutes!

    Thank you again for founding Accepted -- it helped me a lot in my MBA journey! I look forward to staying in touch with you and Michelle

    I would highly recommend Michelle Stockman as her feedback was insightful and helpful.
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