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I want to work with Michelle!
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I just wanted to write you a quick note and give you some feedback on my work with Michelle Stockman over the last month. I consider myself to be a pretty solid writer, but I chose to work with your company on my essays because I think I'm very borderline. Throughout this process, Michelle has provided nothing but insightful comments and very constructive criticism. The fact that my company has a FREE service for employees and I chose to pay Accepted instead is a great testament to the work we have done together.
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Hello Michelle, I got accepted to INSEAD! I am very very happy! I could not have done it without you!!!
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"Hi Michelle,
How's it going? So it looks like I was a week early on becoming nervous about my application status. I received the letter today and it read: Congratulations!...The AdCom has accepted your ED app to CBS!
Phew! I just want to again thank you for all your help! There is no way I could have done it without you, and a double thanks on the Essay Tips/Construction. I have already used your comments to approach other essays I've been writing, and it's made the process much easier and added a lot more confidence to my writing. Awesome, keep up the good work, and I guess you can at least add one more to the list of 40 or so successful applicants on your resume, haha. Thanks again and Happy Holidays! Now I am definitely STOKED! ~Accepted at Columbia